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Equipped with 34 years of rich, vast and varied training experience in the Army followed by 13 years in the Corporate and Education domains. He has been living his dream of making a difference to others and has touched lives of over 100000 children and adults. Brig Bhasin wears multiple hats. His target audience includes:-

Corporate : Senior Leadership, Leadership and Team-work, Behavioral workshops,  Keynote and Motivational speaker, Outbound training, Facilitation, Experiential Learning.

Education : Focused theme-based workshops for Principals, Teachers, and students of schools and colleges.

Individuals : One-on-one coaching dWWsdsdddkkbjjhgfgjjjbbujand mentoring.

His signature seminar Train the Super Trainer, (TTST) has touched the lives of 1,000+ aspiring trainers across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. His mission is to groom and develop 5 national level trainers by 31 Dec 2021. 

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As a Master Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Motivational Speaker; 

I am passionate about achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results.

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